Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Zealand Take 2 - Snow Day

I promised these photos halfway through my New Zealand trip when I posted the last photos but getting internet was a bit iffy. Then I got home and didn't have interwebs at home and now I'm just making excuses. I'm getting very good at excuses but no more!

 We stopped on the way to the snowfields for a walk and a toilet stop as you do when you have 40 people on a bus. But this was where we stopped it was gorgeous.

 We're freezing cold as the breeze coming off the water is icy.

 Heading towards the snowfields doesn't that snow look cold!

 At the top of the mountain this is just before an enormous snowfight. The beauty of having younger kids along they know how to have fun.

I just went tobogganing but I had an absolute ball. I had such fun in the snow and I will have to find the photo of my tiny snowman. It wasn't very big but it looked so cute. We were getting too cold to stay and make it bigger so we went to get some warm food for our tummies.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Life is getting back on track

It's a funny thing to say but I feel like everything is starting to fall back into normal again not sitting out there in crazy land.

  1. We have a new place and we are all moved out of the old place so I'm no longer spending my time going to inspections and putting in applications and constantly cleaning to get everything right. I got so sick of seeing forms and then would dread looking at my messages and emails just expecting that rejection again. Though the worst were the ones that weren't rejections they just never bothered to respond even with a generic sorry you weren't successful to my email. 

  2. Having now moved the house itself is generally unpacked so we aren't living in a mess but I still need to work on the kids bedrooms and my wardrobe..... 

  3. My trip to New Zealand is over. I had an awesome time but by gosh it came at the worst time stress wise. We moved house the day before I left for New Zealand so we were just a little bit rushed. 

  4. The wedding is over! Not mine I'm not planning to get married anytime soon but my partners sister got married 2 days drive away from home so two days there and two days back with two kids in the car is not my idea of fun. Nor is all the drama that seems to go along with weddings why do they seem to bring out the worst in people?

So now that this is all over the stress is settled and I can begin to stress a little bit less and be less of a pain in the butt to my family. Because I'm stressing less and life will start to settle and I will be home more to be able to post regularly I am going to get into a regular routine with posting. I want to and intend to start a number of regular posts and I have lots of ideas and projects that I want to show you that just get shoved to the side because it's easier. Stress isn't my friend but I am going to make an effort now to not let it get to me too badly. It should be easier to handle since life is more settled.

Well Happy stitching everyone and keep looking for the regularly scheduled program to start again as soon as I can.

p.s. I will be starting my dress-a-long again and actually doing it as soon as I have settled everything.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

New Zealand :D

Well we have been travelling around New Zealand for 7 days now and we have three more to go.

We started in Auckland and spent a couple of days playing around in that area. It was great to experience though we didn't do much of the tourist thing. Then we travelled south towards rotorua. This was amazing because on the way we passed through Hobbiton. Yes if you're a LOTR fan I went to HOBBITON!!!! I loved it it was an awesome experience and I was very hyper for the rest of the day.

 I got many photos in front of various hobbit holes :D I had fun enjoying the site despite the weather. It didn't know whether it wanted to rain or not.
 Though when we got to Bag End it started to really rain!
I stood at the gate of BAG END!!!!!!

To finish the tour off we had a drink in the green dragon.

Then we moved onto Rotorua where we got to visit the Geysers.

But boy does that town stink of sulphur.

I have more photos from the snow as well but I think this is enough for the moment. Hope you enjoy them.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mittens Galore

Well I was going to make a pair of fingerless mittens for myself and that fell through well more than fell through I have to make a black pair to perform in and I needed to test out the pattern. Soooo I tested out the pattern on some 8ply blue yarn with size 4mm needles. The problem was that doing so made a perfect mitten for a little girl.

So I wasn't allowed to leave it at just one I had to make a pair :D and I think they do look awesome and she has been wearing them non-stop!

They are just a little bit dirty after a week of wear! Though these photos are from the first day so they still look clean!

BUT after finishing her pair the little boy wanted a pair for himself and I couldn't say no to his cute little face so I made him a green pair.

 Here it is with one finished and the other half started. It really doesn't take long to make a mitten when you actually sit down and knit. It's just at the moment I keep getting distracted by everything and anything. Life is getting stressful so sitting down and knitting is really hard because I'm so restless all the time.
 Despite that I took the time to sit last night and finish them off. He was so excited to get to wear his mittens :D I think I've done an awesome job and they have improved a lot from the first pair.

So now I can settle and do my own pair. I'm using a yarn called Biscay by Moda Vera that is 70% Acrylic and 30% Alpaca. It's so lovely and soft and using the bamboo needles is so much nicer than the metal ones. So this is the start of the first glove and we will see if with everything else happening I can get it done by Sunday morning.

I keep alluding to everything else and I know I've kinda talked about it before but I want to talk about it now.
I leave for a music tour to New Zealand in less than a week now and I'm getting kinda excited about it. I will be away for 10 days and hopefully will be able to post pictures while I'm away.

BUT to add to the stress at the moment we are STILL looking for a place to live. We have been given a two week extension until the 14th of July but we NEED to find a place ASAP. It just isn't happening very quickly or easily. Hopefully something will pan out this week before I go away. But it's the reason no decent stitching or anything is happening in this house because that takes way too much effort.

Best Wishes and Happy Stitching everyone please wish us luck in our search,

Monday, 16 June 2014

The week that wasn't sewing but was knitting

Well it's been that sort of week. I haven't been feeling the best with something up with a minor cold and sinus infection that was making me super dizzy. I'm feeling better this week but I hope it doesn't come back! I'm eating so much vitamin C it hopefully shouldn't.

I managed to finish a pair of mittens. I finished one a couple of weeks ago but then it's been sitting there very lonely for a while, because although the pattern was great to work with and very easy to read and quite easy to do because they are entrelac they are annoying when I'm working on double pointed needles and constantly turning back and forth. I would however make these again as they have been great fun to do (despite how annoying they felt)

They are a gorgeous deep purple and a lime green but they are looking more blue in some of these photos. I found the pattern on Ravelry by searching entrelac handwarmers or I did put the project up in my finished projects my ravelry name is mangogirl88.

It's fun to try out new techniques and I already have a 2nd pair of fingerless mittens on the go using a different pattern but these are kids size so I don't keep losing my gorgeous purple ones to a little girl :D

I know everyone that I'm late with a dress-a-long post. This is coming soon hopefully I've been very lazy when it comes to sewing and with the house hunting and all that stress I haven't been able to settle to cut out the fabric. It will happen just nothing is happening quickly. I'm sorry.

Friday, 30 May 2014

I couldn't resist showing everyone this awesome video!

I'm kinda obsessed with Frozen at the moment and I have been since I heard that it was Idina Menzel playing Elsa. I just love her voice soooo much I loved her in both Wicked and Rent solely for her voice though her acting is wonderful and I was so upset that she didn't sing in Enchanted!

But the reason I'm posting is I ran across this cover of frozen by Alex Boye and I LOVE him! He did a song with the Piano Guys and it was awesome but I think this is almost better. Those children are awesome singers.

Just thought you guys would enjoy this video.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Will you Join me?

Well after a lovely response from Pull The Other Thread to my post about my new challenge I'm putting forward a proposition to everyone.

Will you join us?

This is just a trial image if anyone can make a better one feel free :D

I know a lot of people like to make clothes while to others it is a bit of a challenge/NEVER attempted. Now I'm willing to count it if you want to knit /crochet a jumper instead of sewing something but I think a scarf is cheating :D

 But I would like to invite everyone who wants, to join me in an enormous sewing bee. It is to get those patterns out that we buy the fabric for and go I will make that dress for myself/my child/my husband (if your husband is into dresses). It doesn't have to be a dress though that is on my mind because I'm making myself a dress. If you have always wanted to get up the courage to make a dress or shirt or whatever now is the time. If you join up the great thing is having a group of people who when you get into trouble should at least be able to help you with some of our knowledge.

SO If you are interested link up now. I want to see what others are making and be inspired to complete at least one wonderful dress.

I'd like to post every two weeks starting from this coming Monday. Though the starter post will be open from now.

Please join up and see what we can do together.

Happy Stitching

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My new challenge

I kind of hinted at this last post but didn't say what this would be. So today here is my confession.

I spent hours at spotlight on Saturday with my friend because she wanted to make a dress. Weeeeellllll I may have been distracted by all the pretty patterns and the awesome 30% of fabric and 50% off patterns BUT I was drawn into the hype.

 So I bought a pattern for a gorgeous dress. I decided to make the dress on the right. I started looking at fabrics. I was drawn to some gorgeous browns to make a lovely sedate dress. I wanted something versatile ... then I saw this fabric below!
Once I saw that fabric there was no going back! That was my dress!  Gorgeous purple with polka dots and teal trims! I couldn't resist. The fabric was just calling to me ... make me...make me ... make me.

So over the next number of weeks between cross stitch and crochet I will have to work on making up my dress. This is going to be a bit of a challenge for me but I will see how it goes.

happy stitching,

Monday, 19 May 2014

Bag Time

I've had this bag brewing for a couple of weeks. I bought the pattern from GingerCake before Easter thinking that they would make awesome bags for the kids with camping. That just didn't happen and I never got around to making up one of the bags. Then a couple of weeks ago now I cut out the fabric.

Then it just sat there for a while until I managed to get a zip. Then it sat again until I managed to brave spotlight for some wadding. Slowly the bag came together. I added the front pockets and extended the handles to reach the bottom of the bag. I love the effect.

Then Sunday came and I just had to power through and because I was busy running around various activities I actually got a lot more achieved than I thought I would.

Sunday night saw me sewing the lining into the bag by hand as it just looks better and I didn't want to deal with the zip on my sewing machine.

This is what happens though when you ask a 7 year old to take the photos of you with the bag. Fingers look good in photos.

So here is the finished bag. All lovely and beautiful. I do want to scotch guard it though to water proof it a little before I use it. I'm really happy with how it turned out, such a simple pattern and the directions that came with the pattern were awesome. I knew what to do with any issue that might come up because she already thought of them.

Hope you enjoy the photos of my weekends work. I have a new sewing project I will tell you about next time. I'm really excited about my new challenge.

Happy Stitching everyone,

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Days of nothing

I had no idea what I should write in my title today but it always feels like my days are surrounded by nothing. It isn't until I actually go through my pictures on my phone that I realise no I didn't do NOTHING! I did something. Yes I did 40 million loads of washing, and I don't know how many clothes I folded or dishes I washed and floors cleaned but I also washed a cross stitch for a little girl and framed it. (Well almost I need to get some tape to seal the back so it stays closed.) 

This cross stitch has been sitting there finished for about a month. I love it because although the pattern was from a book she just looked through my colours and picked ones that she felt like using. It was all her choice and it looks amazing. 

 Unfortunately this image didn't want to spin though I told it to. Oh well! 

So this was me on Wednesday morning at craft group lacing the cross stitch onto a foam core board. Then gluing foam core to the back of the mat board to lift it away from the cross stitch so that the beads don't touch the glass.

I always hand lace anything that needs to be framed that is in a size that I can frame myself. It's just so much easier and when I found this gorgeous frame at photo continental on Tuesday I was ecstatic.

Unfortunately the fabric it was stitched on was a little small so the lacing does come around to the front. It's also good I didn't really have to straighten this much or pull tightly just firmly so I could do this.

 Here is the foam core glued on. It looks really really weird but it does the job I wanted it to do.

Thankfully all this has ended in a beautiful finish :D I must say I'm impressed by what a nine year old can accomplish when they want to. 

Now she will be entering this in the show this year and we'll see how she does!
Happy Stitching everyone,